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Sometimes the past holds more questions than answers. And in Rosewood, nothing is ever what it seems. Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.
Find out what we loved and what we hated about this weeks episode of Pretty Little Liars, plus our favourite quotes and the best scene of the week.
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Last Episode: 3x20 Hot Water
Next Episode: 3x21 Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Anonymous: I don't mean I sound rude or anything but some of the stuff you posted saying it was going to happen did not actually happen. What is up with that? Are your sources just unreliable or what?

I get them from Pretty Little Liars Wiki, which is a website that many people use to get their spoilers etc from. I haven’t actually watched last nights episode yet, but when I do I’ll look for the mistakes in what I’ve posted and if the majority of them are false then I wont post that feature any more. Can you tell me specifically what didn’t happen?

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"My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains…"

This phrase is written on the blackboard in Ella’s class when she’s taking to Spencer, and I think everything that is written relates to Spencer’s current state. 

The main quote is from the poem ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ by John Keats, and I think it is perfect for describing Spencer’s feelings - she’s still numb with shock after finding out about Toby’s involvement in the A Team and she doesn’t know how to act, but also her heart aches at the thought of him betraying her and her trust. 

Also notice the themes that are stated on the left hand side:
Unrequited love
Desire to escape ones surroundings 

Spencer must be feeling all of these things right now - feeling like Toby doesn’t love her, desire for Toby and the things she had with him before, desire to run away and leave, tragedy and despair at losing him - and they perfectly describe the situation. 

The blackboards in the english classes often have clues or use quotes to describe what is happening in the show, so look out for them! 

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Is he really?

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Anonymous: This is nice anon here to say good morning, or afternoon whenever you see this message! Keep up with the amazing work and dedication on this blog! It's literally one of my favorites and fab.

Thank you! Messages like this make all the hard work worthwhile x

Wrencer, Paily and Mrs Fitzscary - relationships seemed to be the focus of this weeks episode. This is what we were loving and hating about each of them. 

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So, it’s 2:20am and I just finished watching last night’s ep and taking notes. Tomorrow I’ll transfer those notes into posts! I felt like there wasn’t a lot of content in this episode and we didn’t learn anything big, but I still have tons of small things to post on, especially Wrencer (I’m a big shipper). But for now, goodnight little liars. Watch the A team don’t bite. 

queenleams: Do some more Hot Or Cold Fashion and Hot or Not scenes! I'm obsessed! <3

Okay! I will after tonights show. Its really nice that people like this blog! Is there anything else people would like to see? x

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staytruestayhappy: Can you post some new stuff?? I'd looooove to know what will happen tonight, or your opinion and expectations (: Thanks!!

Hi! I kind of took a break from this blog because it was a little bit too much on my own. I was getting ready to start an interior design course which has actually just been cancelled so I suppose I can spend more time here. I will post something quickly about what’s going to happen on tonights ep if you all like. I’m glad somebody’s missing me though! 

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